1958 March21st Born in Tokyo
1977 May Moves to France
1980 August Returns from France
1983 December Winner of the 3rd Contest of the Best Sommelier of Japan
1989 October First appearance at the 6th Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World
1990 November 2nd place at the 3rd International Contest of Sommelier
1995 May Best sommelier of the World at the 8th Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World
1996 February – Awarded the «1995 Tokyo Honorary Citizen in the field of culture »
1999 June – Awarded the « Chevalier dans l’ordre du Mérite Agricole »
   September – Awarded the « Médaille d’honneur de la ville de Bordeaux » (France)
2006 November – Awarded the «2006 Tokyo Meister – the Highly-skilled professional » by the Governor of Tokyo
2008 November << Gendai no Meiko, the Contemporary Master Craftsman - the prominent skilled person>>
by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
2010 November Appointed as President of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale
2011 June Awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon by the Emperor of Japan
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